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Listing Products and Subscription

GoSee offers access to its Database of listings of creative professionals in photography, hair - make-up & styling, illustration, advertising, design and support. The Creative Listing is free and permits you to view the general contact listing.  

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Dispute Resolution

The entrepreneur does not obligate himself taking part at a dispute resolution on a consumer conciliation committee.

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GoSee: Terms of use

  • GoSee is a PR office which specialises in both fashion and commercial photography. GoSee membership comprises the services on the website, as well as the news service, which is made up of the following: research, editorial work, picture retouching and communication via email and internet, in addition to the chronological archiving of the news. Furthermore, reference and artist lists can also be added to the promopage.

  • The GoSee news service retains the editorial rights. The contents and release of the article are fixed by GoSee. Placement is not subject to consultation.

  • When picture material is sent off, the member in doing so expressly assures their ownership of the publishing rights, as well as for example not infringing the rights of any third party. GoSee will not be held liable for any infringement of publishing or any other rights, or for the publication of incorrect information or technical problems on the website.

  • GoSee ensures that all data and images will be treated in a trustworthy manner and not handed over to any other third parties.

  • GoSee retains the right to decide which individuals or companies it chooses to take on board. To cancel the membership contract, one month's notice must be given prior to the end of a GoSee membership subscription. Previously paid membership installments can not be reimbursed.

  • GoSee is a PR office for its members and reserves the right to the release of the NEWS on GoSee if it is not received first.

  • Once the contract has been made, required services must be paid promptly. Should a payment be delayed, GoSee reserves the right to shut down a member’s entry in the data bank and not release their news.

  • GoSee is a project of the News Services AG, legal domicile Baar/Switzerland.