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news by Avenger Photographers

Dirk Bader c/o
© Dirk Bader c/o Avenger Photographers

VIVA MONACO editorial by Dirk BADER c/o AVENGER, photographed at luxury hotel The Dolder Grand in Zurich

Art has traditionally been of particular significance in the city of Zurich – and especially since its reopening in 2008, this has also been true of The Dolder Grand. Around 100 works of art by 90 renowned artists are on display throughout the hotel. Most are located in an area open to the public and thus accessible to all guests while ...MORE
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Dirk Bader c/o
Dirk Bader c/o

news by GoSee ART

Astrid Verhoef
© Astrid Verhoef 'Human//Nature' - Koster Fine Art Gallery

‘Human//Nature’ by Astrid Verhoef, an ode to imagination itself, presented in a solo exhibition at Atelier K84 by Koster Fine Art Gallery Amsterdam

Astrid Verhoef explores the connection between humans and nature in the most solitary places on Earth. With ‘Human//Nature’, she has created an almost religious experience. She travels the world to find such secluded places, and her photographs are self-portraits printed in a limited edition.

In cooperation with Atelier K84 in Amsterdam, ...MORE

Astrid Verhoef
Astrid Verhoef

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‘AI Meets REALITY’ - the GOSEEAWARDS ‘24 are excited to see your submissions - Deadline: 12 April 2024

The GoSeeAWARDS offer you the perhaps most exclusive opportunity to have your work viewed in the creative industry. From art buying executives to direct clients – our GoSee Jury is made up of top-notch EXPERTs just like every year, whom we would like to take a moment to thank from the bottom of our hearts.

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