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Luxeed S7 - UWE DUETTMANN photographs the Huawei X Chery Electric car for HUAWEI China

The Luxeed 7 is a joint project between carmaker Chery Automobile and tech giant Huawei. Because thanks to the electric revolution, the sky is still the only limit in the car market : Huawei – similarly to Apple – is also trying to gain a foothold in the automotive industry.

Transportation specialist UWE DÜTTMANN has just photographed precisely the LUXEED 7 for Huawei. We have the result for you on GoSee.News.

Huawei, founded in 1987 by Ren Zhengfei, is a developer and manufacturer of telecommunications equipment and hardware, headquartered in Shenzhen, a special economic zone in China. At the end of 2020, the company had around 197,000 employees worldwide.

Chery Automobile is a state-owned Chinese car manufacturer. It is among the fastest growing manufacturers of passenger cars and tractors in China, and is considered the industry leader terms of export.
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UWE DUETTMANN stages lifestyle motifs for the BMW 3 Series

UWE DUETTMANN photographed for BMW. Client support for the shoot came from Florian Hartmann.

For over 40 years, the BMW 3 Series has epitomized dynamic driving pleasure like no other car. Thanks for the most part to former BMW Head of Design Paul Bracq, emotions and the joy of driving found their way into the mid-range. With the BMW E21, he laid the distinctive foundation in the 1970s for an unprecedented success story.
Spanning more than seven generations meanwhile, the BMW 3 Series has been continuously developed – evolving into the vehicle of today, matured to perfection, that represents sportiness in the midsize car segment like no other. From the classic sedan to the station wagon, marketed as the Touring, to the coupe and convertible, or even the compact 3-door hatchback, the BMW 3 Series is favored by drivers of all ages.

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BMW THE 3 – a glimpse at the iconic series through the lens of UWE DUETTMANN

Award-winning photographer UWE DUETTMANN staged the new models of the BMW ‘The 3’ Series with CD Florian Hartmann and AD Isabella Nogueira.

The BMW 3 Series is among the carmaker’s most recognized and bestselling models. Making its debut in the 1970s, it went on to become one of the most significant pillars of the BMW model portfolio. The BMW 3 Series models are marked by numerous innovative technologies, dynamic road performance and an athletic design. Spanning seven generations to date, the BMW 3 Series has been continuously refined and improved – evolving into the vehicle of today that represents sportiness in the midsize car segment like no other.

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